Volunteer Connect York Region Launches Senior’s Initiative to Spread Love and Support this Valentine’s Day

For Immediate Release: 

Markham, Ontario – February 14th, 2024. – Volunteer Connect York Region, the local volunteer centre, is spreading love and support to seniors this Valentine’s Day with the launch of its innovative senior’s initiative.

In response to the growing need for volunteer opportunities within the senior’s community, Volunteer Connect has undertaken a comprehensive exploration of ways to better serve this vital demographic.

Through extensive research and engagement efforts, Volunteer Connect has discovered valuable insights aimed at strengthening connections and fostering inclusivity within the senior’s community. A recent survey conducted by Volunteer Connect highlighted Google as the primary platform for seniors to discover volunteer opportunities. When asked, “How do you currently find volunteer opportunities?” one respondent claimed, “I check online. A special section for seniors would definitely be helpful”. 57% of survey respondents do not volunteer, with the top two reasons being unable to find opportunities & schedule conflicts. In recognition of this trend, Volunteer Connect is committed to ensuring that seniors have streamlined access to volunteer postings on the Volunteer Connect website through Google, facilitating seamless engagement with volunteer opportunities.

Furthermore, the survey revealed the most significant challenge faced by seniors was the difficulty in identifying suitable volunteer opportunities. This finding stresses the critical importance of Volunteer Connect’s new initiative, which aims to address this challenge head-on by curating and promoting volunteer opportunities specifically tailored to the needs and interests of seniors. 

“Seniors are looking for a rewarding way to support their local community and VCYR’s site provides a handy tool to find interesting and meaningful volunteering opportunities.” Says George Sheen, Volunteer Connect’s Fundraising Chair. 

By fostering meaningful connections and empowering seniors to contribute actively to their communities, Volunteer Connect is confident about making a profound and lasting difference in the lives of countless individuals and organizations.

If you’re interested in learning more or wish to donate or are seeking sponsorship opportunities,  please visit us at www.volunteerconnect.ca

For more information, please contact;

Thanah Sriskantha

Program Manager

Volunteer Connect York Region 289-469-5346 or thanah.sriskantha@volunteerconnect.ca